Home & Office Delivery

Home & Office Delivery

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How much will my service cost?

  • Drink at least three bottles each month and pay just $6.95 per bottle.
  • We recently did away with our three-bottle minimum policy.  If you drink less than three bottles each month, you will pay $8.95 per bottle.


What can I expect with my monthly water service?

  • Your water will be delivered every 28 days, with a friendly text message the day before to remind you we are coming.
  • Make changes to your order up to the day of your delivery. Call our office or reply to our automated text messages with any changes you need to be made.
  • No service agreements - cancel anytime with us and you will never pay cancellation fees.


What's different about Pure Element Water?

  • We are proud to offer truly great tasting water - sourced right here from the Ogallala Aquifer in the Texas Panhandle.
  • BPA-free bottles! We deliver our water in the industry's safest plastic bottles produced by Eastman Tritan. Read more about Tritan and their safe plastics here.
  • Did we mention we're local? From our office employees to our drivers, we can respond quickly when you need us!


* Note: Water dispensers are taxable at 6.25%. The price will reflect this when choosing one our cooler rental options.